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Many innovative printing techniques can be performed by the Strataprinter. From this page you will find a long list of products the Strataprinter can print, directions on applying Strataprinter printing techniques and case histories of products where these techniques have been used.

    Product Categories the Strataprinter Can Print

    Case histories of Strataprinter test applications and product developments

    This is the creative side of the Strataprinter. The Strataprinter is the first production process that can blend painting techniques with printing. The results are as unique as the skill of the artist that applies them. The inventor's hallmark application, the printed dog tag, has supplied thousands of examples of tiny, expressive works of art. Learn here how black and white line art is transformed into colorful prints through the magic of the Strataprinter.

        • Woodstock Logo Tags
        • SignOn to the Spirit Project
        • Veteran Family Tags
        • SpacePort Shuttle and ISS Tags
        • Lighthouses of the Hudson Magnet Tiles

    Strataprinter techniques for creating artistic color effects

        • Multi-color single impression printing
        • Multi-color with detail color injection
        • Multi-color on multi-color printing

    Ultra-fine line art production for creating miniature prints with the Strataprinter

        • Reproducing 19th century engravings in color
        • Printing 1 pt. lines from laser originals
        • Printing 300+ characters per sq. cm.
        • Printing miniature schematic plates

* The above are topics that will be added in future up loads to the "Printing Applications HomePage".

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