Revolutionary new printing techniques and products are made possible by the Strataprinter!

What can the Strataprinter do like no other printer can? With the Strataprinter anyone, with a minimum of training, can professionally print any of a long list of:
I.D. Marking products, Industrial products, Display and Award products, Arts and Crafts products, Advertising Specialty, Commercial Printing products.

      I.D. Markings

    1. Corporate and Government ID Dog Tags
    2. Professional EMS, Firefighter and Police Personal Identifications
    3. Medical Alert Tags
    4. Pet, Livestock and Cattle ID Tags
    5. Specimen Tags
    6. Locker and Key Tags
    7. Pipe Marker Tags
    8. Trail Marker Tags
    9. Tree Marker Tags
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    Industrial Printing

    1. Metal CR-80 ID Nameplates
    2. Metal CR-50 ID Nameplates
    3. VIN Tags
    4. Appliance Schematic Plates
    5. Industrial Warning Labels
    6. Direct Capital Equipment and Personal Property ID Markings
    7. Small Appliance Face Plate Inserts
    8. Part numbers on Circuit Boards and Industrial Components
    9. Post-production Compliance Warnings on Ceramic Consumer Products
    10. Pre-mask Printed ID and Application Instructions for Automotive and Textile Heat Transfer Graphics
    11. Plastic Molded Container ID Marking and Decorative Graphic Printing
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    Display and Awards Printing

    1. Exhibition Item Markers
    2. Aluminum, Stainless & Brass Novelty Dog Tags
    3. Annual Membership Tags
    4. Souvenir Luggage Tags
    5. Beach Pass Tags
    6. Press Pass Tags
    7. Dashboard Plaques
    8. License Corner Plaques
    9. Award and Trophy Plaques
    10. Souvenir Race and Rally Admission Medallions
    11. Concert Souvenir Tags
    12. Sports Event Souvenir Tags
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    Art and Craft Printing

    1. Collectable Metal Seasonal Decorations
    2. Collectable Glass Seasonal Decorations
    3. Custom Metal Credit and Phone Cards
    4. Quality Metal Fashion Hanger Tags
    5. Decorator Lamp Housings
    6. Collectable Art Cards
    7. Collectable Trivet Tiles
    8. Decorator Theme Tiles
    9. Decorative Furniture Prints
    10. Imaged Gold and Silver Fashion Buttons
    11. Imaged Gold and Silver Pop Jewelry
    12. Imaged Gold and Silver Art Jewelry
    13. Souvenir Seashells, Rocks and Driftwood
    14. Ceramic and Metal Crafts Decoration
    15. Miniature Fine Art Serigraph Prints
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    Advertising Specialty Printing

    1. Enameled Pen Knives
    2. Metal Pen, Money and Beeper Clips
    3. Metal Key Bobs
    4. Premium Product Advertising Plates
    5. Custom Novelty Light Bulbs
    6. Vinyl Refrigerator Magnets
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    Commercial Printing

    1. Watch and Dial Faces Decorations
    2. Ping Pong Balls
    3. Tin Container Decorative Graphic Printing
    4. Custom Plastic Credit and Phone Cards
    5. Plastic and Paper Business Cards
    6. Decorative Labels
    7. Customized Gift Boxes
    8. Direct Large Envelope Printing
    9. Pre-embossed Notary Seals
    10. Direct-Printed Bookplates and Inside-cover Textbook Property Identification Imprinting
    11. Direct-Printed School, Library and Rental CD, Audio Tape, Video Tape and Floppy Disk Property Identification Imprinting
    12. Post-binding Publisher's Corrections
    13. Custom Catalog Imprints
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