The Strataprinter Desktop Printing System

    The Strataprinter is a modularly expandable printing system centered on the function of a patented printhead structure and process controls. A basic system includes:

    The Strataprinter requires 120V AC curent and compressed air from a regulated tank for operation.


  • Print Method: Diaphragm Stratagraphy (Squeegeeless screen printing)
  • Resolution: 2 mil line and space hold 133 line halftone
  • Screen: Pre-packaged engineered screen cartridge; pre-stretched and photosensitive; 390 and 470 monofilament polyester; standard 22.5° angle screen stretch; duel cure, photopolymer emulsion
  • Screenmaking: Internal vacuum and time controls; halogen lamp-sensitive emulsion; darkroom, laser printer, copier, transfer type or hand drawn film positives; ±40 sec. exposure (16-90 sec. range); air brush development with tap water
  • Printhead: Aluminum armature/cast silicone cartridge and substrate seals; press-in air/sensor connections; 4.1874" by 3.3125" seal area
  • Maximum print width: 1¾"
  • Maximum print height 2¾"

  • Physical Dimensions and Weight: 10" x 8" x 5"; 10½ lbs.
  • Power: Dry compressed air @ 4scfm; min. 60psi, max.; 100psi 120V AC electric
  • Electronics: CMOS w/ analog inputs; differential pressure sensor
  • Pneumatics: AC solenoids; air logic circuits; venturi vacuum

  • Physical Dimensions and Weight: 11" x 9" x 4"; 8¼ lbs.
  • Power: 120VAC w/ 5v trigger
  • Control: Foot pedal set/reset; sensor-responsive signals from Master Control Module
  • Lamp: 300w Quartz Halogen

  • Type: Semi-automatic shuttle bed
  • Print Speed: Approximately 10 seconds per product
  • Physical Dimensions and Weight: 6" x 12¾" x 6"; 10 lbs.
  • Power: Pneumatic outputs from Master Control Module; rodless drive cylinder w/ dampers
  • Registry Adjustment: Lateral and skew adjustments at printhead clamp - ¼" from side to side; ½" front-to-back adjustments at bed; 1¼" height adjustment at printarm
  • Printhead Clamp: Fully rotatable for lateral or front-to-back printing
  • Shuttle Bed: 6" by 6" with 6" travel w/ mounting fixtures for Standard and Custom Jigs

  • Standard Bed Jigs: Dog tag pin registry jig; Luggage tag pin registry jig; Credit card pin registry jig; Tile support jig
  • Standard Jig Masks (Jig masks are used to contain a vacuum on a part smaller than the Strataprinter printhead seal) Dog tag mask; Luggage tag mask; Credit card mask

  • Ink Pump: Foot pedal operated air regulator valve Air source from Master Control Module 6' polypropylene extension lines - supply and syringe
  • Inks: Highest quality Mil Spec. Baking Epoxy - Packaged in 30cc air syringes
  • Metal Blanks: 18 & 32 mil credit card and dog tag blanks in clear and colored anodized aluminum and in stainless steel and brass.

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