The Strataprinter Desktop Printing System

    The Strataprinter is a modularly expandable printing system centered on the function of a patented printhead structure and process controls.

    Features and Benefits

    The Strataprinter Desktop Printing System produces high quality printing by incorporating many new and innovative features.

    Compact, Modular Design

    The Strataprinter System is made up of three interactive components each weighing less than twelve pounds and each occupying less than half a square foot of desk space. It is an excellent system for studio-based businesses and small businesses where space is valuable. It's ultra-compact design makes the entire Strataprinter system easily storable on a shelf or in a desk drawer when not in use.

    Excellent Print Quality and Speed

    The Strataprinter's revolutionary squeegeeless screen printing uses a 390 polyester screen capable of 2 mil line holds and 133 line halftone resolution. Squeegeeless screen printing insures an un-blocked mesh for a consistent, graphic-quality tonal range throughout the longest production run.

    High Quality Inks Packaged in Air Syringes

    The Strataprinter is an "Epoxy Printer". Specially formulated, high durability baking epoxies provide excellent print quality and product performance on metal, glass and glazed ceramics. For plastic and paper a graphic quality air-dry ink is also available. All inks are packaged in 30cc air syringe for safety, versatility, economy and long shelf life.

    Screen Cartridges

    Miniature screen cartridges are used for the Strataprinter. Each cartridge is photo-sensitive screen mesh attached to a plastic frame and sealed in a light and humidity-safe package. When the cartridge frame is snapped into the Strataprinter printhead the screen mesh is tensioned.

    System-based Photo Stencil Production

    Screen cartridge photo stencils are exposed in the Strataprinter Exposure Module utilizing darkroom film or laser printer transparency art. Final screen development is by air brush using tap water. All photo-stencil exposure processes are controlled through the Strataprinter Master Control Module in normal room light.

    Precision Semi-automatic Shuttle Bed Printer Module

    The Strataprinter's Miniature Screen Printing Module has full rotary and transverse registry adjustment of the printhead and a front-to-back adjustable shuttle bed. With special pin registry jig plates, imprinting is repeatable to .001".

    Minimal Maintenance

    The Strataprinter uses the patented Strataprinter vacuum seal printhead for all exposure and printing operations. There are no moving parts in the printhead to wear or require adjustment. The printer module's drive cylinder has no external parts to wear and the shuttle bed rides on long-life Teflon bushings. All pivot bearings of the printer arm are wear-resistant stainless steel.

    Impressive Color Capability

    The unique capability of squeegeeless screen printing to print more than one color per cycle makes the Strataprinter the most efficient color application printer available. All Strataprinter inks are packaged in air syringes that make it possible to "paint" multiple colors onto the screen using a variety of nozzle sizes. 20 standard colors are available in two ink systems. Spot color, color effects and near-actual coloring are possible in single-cycle applications. Four color process printing is also practical with the resolution capability of the Strataprinter screen cartridges and the registration capability of the print module.

    Convenient and Easy Controls

    Three simple settings on the Master Control Module handle all adjustments for peripheral modular devices. A common foot pedal supplies operator interface for semi-automatic operations. Solid state sensor-responsive CMOS logic regulates all exposure and printing functions.

    Versatile Production Capabilities

    The Strataprinter prints ceramic tiles, credit cards, luggage and name tags, cut glass ornaments, vinyl magnets and many other product types. Layered magnetic seals form a variety of chambers for imprinting small products of various thicknesses. Larger products such as ceramic tiles accept a seal direct from the printhead. A variety of custom-made jigs for substrates designed for Strataprinter printing are available.

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