A Once-in-a-Lifetime Bargain !

In 1984 the first patent was filed on what was supposed to become the basis of a new printing industry. Within five years three patents in the US and two in Europe were issued, licenses assigned and an IPO in the electronics industry completed. By the sixth year, in the midst of fraud, SEC investigations and lawsuits against the IPO principals the invention reverted to its inventor.

By 1997, after single-handedly making this new printing technology capable of production for the most conspicuous of markets, everything up to that moment was ready to be documented in the comprehensive Web site re-published here.

By early 2001, while Pentagon licenses and GSA contracts were still in effect, this lone technology represented by its lone inventor was forced to be shelved. Capital markets awash in dot-com mania and banks in a frenzy to merge while their asset bubble floated high made it impossible to continue any business based on normal intellectual assets.

Now everything is for sale:

  • a complete portfolio of innovative products produced for such clients as the 50th Anniversary of WW2, the Kennedy Space Center, West Point, the Baseball Hall of Fame and the 25th Anniversary of the Woodstock Festival;
  • the engineering and the beta production data on manufacturing the machinery that produced these products;
  • confidential vendor files, proprietary formulas and manufacturing procedures for the captive support products that make this new printing technology work; and, as a bonus...
  • documentation of tests done for major players in the electronics sector that show this technology's potential as a printing method, initially on a boutique scale, for Radio Frequency label production, the hottest new concept in retail and wholesale Information Support.

All of this is solely owned by its inventor, no strings attached. Take a look. Judge for yourself. If you've got what it takes, make an offer and it could be 100% yours.


The background of this page is created as a component of a conceptual artwork for the Internet by the artist/inventor Michael Sullivan Smith.