The Educational Value of the Strataprinter

    Printing is the first manufacturing technology in history and the archetype from which all production technologies evolved. Knowledge of printing provides the fundamentals that the developers of tomorrow's products need today.

    The Strataprinter is the perfect learning platform for this educational function. It allows the foundations of printing technology to be presented in a clear, accessible and memorable way. The Strataprinter uniquely integrates all fundamental processes into one small, desktop system. By additionally incorporating the use of computer art generation, manual skill (technique) development and the design of products that are both exciting and marketable, the Strataprinter can bring into focus a whole universe of learning.

    There are many ways of enhancing the educational value of a subject through the Strataprinter. (See: Technology Education and the Strataprinter)

    • Art students can gain insights into the creative process by applying their art to a production process
    • Technology students can create hands-on variable outcomes that demonstrate the concepts of process design and process control
    • Vocational students can gain a generalized view of the printing process without leaving the classroom

    Using the Strataprinter can also be fun, competitive and profitable. Students can learn while making economical products for exhibit and as gifts for friends and family.

    As an educational instruction tool there are many funding channels open to educational programs for purchase of resources like the Strataprinter. Comprehensive listings are available on the Internet.

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