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    The Strataprinter's Market

    The Strataprinter is in the graphic printing equipment and supplies market. Its targeted user prints small format items for industrial and retail customers, advertisers and institutional ID and promotional programs. These end products are in a multi-billion dollar market that includes industrial nameplates and markers, licensed entertainment and sports products, corporate recognition products and souvenir, collectable and fashion products in both the commercial and Arts & Crafts marketplaces.

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    Competitive Products

    The targeted user group for Strataprinters currently purchase pad printers, precision screen printers, thermal transfer printers and combinations of computer color printers with either heat transfer presses or laminators. The demands addressed by their purchases are production speed, machine accuracy, substrate dimension compatibility and accessibility. The Strataprinter technologically addresses each of these demands competitively.

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    Market Opportunity

    The overall graphic printing equipment and supplies market is currently in a state of transition as it responds to the influences of digital technology at all levels. Expectations of quicker response times between design and manufacturing have attracted an ever increasing number of highly competitive computer-based equipment manufacturers into the printing equipment market. This expanding presence of new digital imaging technologies is evidenced in trade representation, editorial coverage, advertising and at exhibitions.

    This has set a dynamic tone for market promotions and has created a highly competitive "marketing" climate. However, the vast majority of new technologies represented are in the large format digital outputting device market. Since the application and cost of these new products are relatively inaccessible to the majority of the graphic printing market's user group and few new products have been introduced addressing the needs of the small format graphic printing market, the Strataprinter is now in a position to benefit from this general increase in the visibility and interest in new technology.

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    A Growth Market

    The largest growth area in a current industry survey was in graphic printing. Ongoing interest in small format imaging in the graphic printing market is evidenced in the number of articles on pad printing and specialized small scale printing on CD's, calling cards, membrane switches and nameplates and by a matched expansion of advertisments for traditional pad printing machines and precision pre-press, printing and finishing equipment in trade publications. All of these areas encompass the small format printing focus of the Strataprinter.

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    Superior Benefits

    The inability of the resident small scale printing technologies to match the market's interest in quick make-ready, high resolution, quality printing can now result in a demand for Strataprinters. While the selection criteria for small format printing equipment had, in the past, been difficult to penetrate with the new technology of the Strataprinter, the new climate of interest in innovative solutions that now exists makes it possible to more clearly address the ability of the Strataprinter to duplicate the capabilities of normal printing equipment and also offer extended benefits at the same cost.

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