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    (ed. - DiaStrata, Inc. is no longer a functioning entity and the addresses and phone numbers on this page are no longer in effect. Please go to the offering source for current contact intormation.)

    Diaphragm Stratagraphy, Inc., the incorporation name of DiaStrata, referred to herein as the "Company", manufactures industrial and consumer products. The Company holds valuable patents, licenses and trademarks. It is an on-going business with a contracted distribution base for its consumer product. It has both a unique new technology; the Strataprinter, a modularly expandable "Desktop Print Shop" system; and a unique new consumer product: a low-price fashion item in a highly profitable trend-oriented market. The Company's long term plan uses its consumer product production methods to support its technology product sales. The Company's technology and production methods are fully protected by US and European Patents and by trade secrets.

    DiaStrata was incorporated in New York State on April 2, 1987. It is an "S" Corporation. The Company's principal offices are presently located at 17 Lafayette Street, Saugerties, New York 12477. The Company's telephone number is (914)247-0563. Michael Sullivan Smith, the Company's president and principal shareholder, is the inventor, holder of all patents and developer of the Company's proprietary technology and products.

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    The Company owns all development and marketing rights to the patented Strataprinter. The Strataprinter is the only screen printing technology that integrates photo-imaging and printing into the same process controls. It is also the only screen printing technology that uses printing cartridges. The Strataprinter is used with a broad range of auxiliary devices for specialized printing applications.

    The Company develops devices and applications for its Strataprinter technology. The Company began a project in the fall of 1993 to highlight the Strataprinter's unique capability of printing multiple colors all at once. Decorated ceramic tile, vinyl magnet and metal tag products were produced and test marketed. In May of 1994 the Company received a license from PolyGram Diversified Entertainment to produce Woodstock Festival decorative tag products. A subsidiary, SignOn to the Spirit Merchandise, was established at this time to market this product.

    DiaStrata is the only company marketing silk screened metal tags with licensed entertainment logos. This product concept is new to the entertainment merchandise marketplace. Additionally, neither the sports nor children's products marketplaces have products similar to the SignOn tag.

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      Investment Opportunity

    DiaStrata is interested in a direct buyout of it's patents, proprietary secrets, technology, et.al., so as to further the growth and expansion of them. Partnering opportunities, licensing, or venture capital infusion, in order to grow it's existing business plan, will all be welcome and seriously considered. Please reply to Diastrata, Inc./Michael Smith, 17 Lafayette Street, Saugerties, NY 12477. Capital will finance marketing, facilities development, equipment purchases and staff training.

    The Company continues to finance its full plan through sales of its SignOn products. Expansion is through reinvestment of profits of this business. Should no investors or other means of funding be available for technology manufacture and marketing, this will continue.

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