How To Create Your Own Inventions

By Michael Sullivan Smith (AKA the Strataprinter Inventor)

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I am often asked: "Why aren't you further along by now". My answer to this is a very long story but what it boils down to is: "I am doing it alone" and "I'm making it up as I go along." There are far easier ways to bring an invention into the light of day than doing it alone. Most patents are issued to teams working for large corporations. However, inventors are solitary individuals and the team will never be a good environment for inventing.
To bring my invention into the light of day I essentially did my own engineering, prototypes, patents, corporation, contracting, licensing, financing, marketing. Because of this and because there are a lot easier things to invent than a process complete with all the process devices, which is what my invention, the Strataprinter, is, I think that I have been through the process of inventing as few other individuals have. It was worth the experience, if nothing else.

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Over a 5 year period I'd built enough screen printing machines and solved enough difficult technical problems (in patentese, I was "any practicioner versed in the art") that I felt I could challange the basic rules of the "Art". I decided to be "inventive". Within the next 5 year's time I created an entirely new process, worked my way through four patent prosecutions and licensed this technology to an IPO company. But I still did not have a product to market. It took another 5 years before I was finally ready.
My patents were written toward the electronics industry but my entire background was in graphic arts. My first marketing attempts in the industrial arena were complete failures. I had to retrench and redirect more than once.
For the past three years I have focused on inventing applications for my invention in the theory that if the technology can't sell the technology, the applications can. Since the applications have been successful I am now bringing this all together in one bold effort to let invention sell an invention through the Internet, a medium wide open to inventive marketing.
** These long years are the make-or-break **
** time for your invention, and can't be avoided!**

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